Thursday, January 31, 2013

I'm Back

Well HELLO blog world!!

We're back!!

I have been missing my blogger buddies for a while now, not that they know who lil' ol' me was....but I sure felt like I was "friends" with them, and have wanted to come back but I was just not sure where to start.  SO I guess starting now is how I'll do it.

As of my last post you can see that I have moved back home to sweet home Alabama.  At first I thought that moving home was going to be the best for my lil family to be close to my in-laws and have some support from them with Scarlett.  WELL....I totally under estimated how close I had become to my Chicago gals and how little I really knew my in-laws.  Don't get me wrong...they are great people and they defiantly love my husband and Scarlett...but I feel quite like an outsider here.  I have NO friends in the area and unlike Chicago where there were so many people looking to reach out to new comers, Alabama is not like that at all.  There are cliques within cliques here.  Even at church and Sunday school and close to a year later I have yet to meet one person in this town that I would call MY friend.  It is very lonely.  Luckily I have my sister who only lives 3 hours away and that is where I am now.  With her...soaking up the love of a person that loves me for just being me.  She loves me just because.  Not because I am the wife of their son or brother....or because I am the mother to their grandchild or niece.  It is nice to feel a part of something so that is why I'm coming belong somewhere.  I will belong here.