Meet the Smiths

Mommy: Calista:

Ok...Trying to talk about yourself is so freaking hard!  

Daddy: Blake:

My sweet hubby on the other hand is super easy.  When I met Blake I knew that he was a keeper.  He is HILARIOUS!!  That was absolutely the first thing that I noticed.  I was literally on the floor laughing my buns off within moments.  From the first moment we met we spent every day together.  I was just getting out of a serious relationship so I was very cautious about getting into another one right away.  But my sweet hubby stuck it out.  We dated secretly for about three months until I decided it was time that we really get committed (Feb 2010) and once we did it was like full on LOVE fest!! We were engaged by June and married Oct. 2010.

That was the best decision I have ever made!  Blake does everything he can to make me happy.  I appreciate him so much and even when I get mad at whatever little annoying thing, he really tries to fix it.  Then to top it off he is the best daddy to Scarlett.  He loves her so much and she is defiantly his little daddies girl.  Kinda jealous about that actually.


What to say about this little munchkin.  She is a mini me.  She has to sleep with her bed made...she thinks its funny when I get mad, and she REFUSES to kiss on demand.  

But she is such a lil cutie and I love her guts!