Friday, February 1, 2013

Baby News

Yesterday I announced that I am back...

Today I announce that I am pregnant...

That really isn't news to anybody who personally knows me since I am 25 weeks and 4 days today and am HUGE!  I am defiantly bigger this time around than I was with Scarlett, although it feels like I am not gaining a lot of weight other than just a huge basketball belly thank GOD!

We are so excited about this bundle of joy.  We found out about a month ago that we are having a girl.  YAY!  Her name will be Juliett Victoria....or should it be Victoria Juliett??  AND we are having some issues deciding on the spelling.  Should it be Juliett with no E like Scarlett....or Juliette?  I don't like the English spelling which is Juliet.  I am just not sure.  What do you think??

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