Sunday, February 10, 2013

Copy Cat

Lately Scarlett has been imitating EVERYTHING!  She says what I say <>, she does what I do and wants to be everywhere I am.  As cute as that is it can also be highly annoying.  If she doesn't get her way she ends up following me crying for me to pick her up.  Sometime it just isn't possible to hold her.  
Today when I was doing my hair....I had a curling iron and explaining that it is hot just doesn't cut it for her.  So I tried something else.  I gave her some Velcro curlers and let her loose.  After a few minutes of silence I looked down to her head covered in rollers and her smiling face...."pretty" she said.
Now thats cute.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Don't Feed the Dogs

Scarlett has a really bad habit of feeding Lady and Nala whatever I give her to eat.  I tell her NO NO feed the dogs.  She cries.  I feel bad and hug her.....then as soon as I turn around she is at it again.  ARG!!  I'm sure she understands me.  I know the dogs understand me.  They run and hide as soon as they see me coming if they are eating Scarletts food.  I don't know what to do.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Daddy Time

Scarlett and I spent last week with my sister in Prattville, AL about 3 hours away from home (and daddy).  It started out great.  Scarlett and her cousin Joseph got along so great and her older cousin Alita watched over her like a mother hen.  But at about day 3 she started getting clingy.  She cried ALL the time.  She wanted me to hold her ALL the time and God help me if I walked into the bathroom without her.


At first I couldn't figure it out....

Then it hit me...she is a daddies girl.  She wanted to go home.  Even though I was planning on staying till Monday I ended up cutting the visit down and leaving on Saturday night.  Thank God I did because now that I am home I KNOW for sure that is what it was.  No more crying.

She is actually cuddled up with daddy right now sleeping like a baby and it is so nice to be able to use both hands freely without her screaming in my ears.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Lady and Nala

One of the last posts I made in Chicago before I went on break was about how badly Blake and I wanted a dog.  A few months before we moved to Bama we found a Great Pryanees named Daisy and would have adopted her if we would have had the room in our Chicago home.  Well it wasn't meant to be.  BUT when we moved to Alabama one of the things Blake and I looked for was a fenced in back yard so Scarlett could play safely outside and Blake could have a dog.  We found one.

No sooner did we get our boxes unpacked We found our companions.  Let me introduce Lady and Nala.  We found these sisters on craigslist at the bargain price of $60 for the pair.  When I saw them I knew Blake wouldn't be able to control himself and that they were already part of our family.  When we went to pick them up they were strictly outside dogs.  The yard they lived in looked like it had NEVER been mowed and they slept in a big whole of red clay they dug out under a tree!  NOT KIDDING.  Their white coats were red with mud and dirt, their tails were covered in burrs.  It was so sad.  After their first night with us it was clear the previous owners were unkind to them.
They wouldn't even come close ANY doorways even to come in from the rain into the garage or shed in the back yard.  It took a lot of love....((mostly by Blakesters cause I can't stand dog smell.  I have the most insane sense of smell))...but they are now fully integrated.  They mostly sleep in the garage but are indoors often keeping Scarlett company.  They are about a year old and each weight about 110lbs which is HUGE but they are so gentle with Scarlett and she LOVES them so much.  She climbs on them and chases them around the dinning room.  I love them too even though I have never really been a dog person and now I can't imagine our family without them.


Friday, February 1, 2013

Baby News

Yesterday I announced that I am back...

Today I announce that I am pregnant...

That really isn't news to anybody who personally knows me since I am 25 weeks and 4 days today and am HUGE!  I am defiantly bigger this time around than I was with Scarlett, although it feels like I am not gaining a lot of weight other than just a huge basketball belly thank GOD!

We are so excited about this bundle of joy.  We found out about a month ago that we are having a girl.  YAY!  Her name will be Juliett Victoria....or should it be Victoria Juliett??  AND we are having some issues deciding on the spelling.  Should it be Juliett with no E like Scarlett....or Juliette?  I don't like the English spelling which is Juliet.  I am just not sure.  What do you think??