Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I apparently have many guilty pleasures.....

This past week-end has been spent at the Hospital ER.  NOT FUN!  For the past month and a half I have had severe pain in my lower right rib and back.  Come to find out my gallbladder is over working when I eat any fatty foods.  So I am having to alter my diet completely.  When I say fatty foods I don't just mean this.....

I can't even drink....

So you know that cheese is out of he question :(

I am having to alter my entire diet which is very hard for a person who has never dieted or read the labels on anything that I have ever eaten.  The biggest difference is that I am not choosing to change my diet...I HAVE TO CHANGE MY DIET for my health.  If I eat anything off track I am hit with immediate pain.  Any suggestions on some dietary replacements??

Sunday, February 20, 2011

My Guilty Pleasure Slapped Me in the FACE!

As you saw in my Friday Confessional I drink coke.  Yes I know that coke is not good for me...I know caffeine is not good for my baby.  So knowing this and my addiction did not see eye to eye.  At first it was just a glass of coke with dinner, no big deal right?  Then with lunch and dinner and last week it took me over.  I was drinking coke and nothing else. 

This past Friday Blake and I were eating dinner and was DROPPED to my knees with a migraine. Having never had a migraine before I had no idea what was going on....I could not speak, I had sensitivity to light and sound and was laying down in tears holding my head.  When I called my doctor he said it was a migraine and could be due to dehydration.  My hubby has since taken all my coke away and restricted me to water and lemonade. 

Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday Confessional

one.  My guilty pleasure is coke.  It is my only craving.

two.  Unless I have plans for the day I will lay in bed until 3ish.  :/
three.  I watch Toddlers & Tiaras with an air of disgust while subconsciously I am thinking my Kathryn would win every crown and she isn't even born yet!

four.  I HATE paying bills!

five.  I have not bought ANYTHING for Kathryn yet and I only have 3 months left!!!  AHHHHHH!!

What is your Friday Confessional??


Thursday, February 17, 2011

Finding a Bra

Ok...I have had it!  My tatas are out growing even my biggest bra in my lingerie drawer and I don't know what to do!  I know they are on a growing spree and I feel like if I get something now I will out grow it by next month.  One thing I have noticed is it isn't just my cup size that is growing.  My rib cage has expanded and my 34DD bra has been tossed out for my 36C bra I had from way back.  I am feeling like the 36 is too small now.  I am actually thinking about wearing a bikini top until I find a solution to this problem.  Any suggestions??  Grrrr!

Thrifting Finds

I LOVE UNIQUE THRIFT STORE!!  This is my second visit to Unique Thrift Store and also was a different location.  I have never been to a thrift store with so many great deals on clean name brand clothes!  Very impressed!

I found this amazing jacket for my sister since a size small won't fit this prego body but will look great on my sissies size 4 frame.
Sugar Lips Basic Jacket (the camera does not do this justice)
$7.99 - 25% =  $5.99

Then I found this H&M blush pink cardigan and I fell in love.

I also found another pair of maternity jeans from Motherhood Maternity for $3.99!!

Grand total: $16.47!!!  AMAZING!!!

First Dr. Visit in Chicago

There is a lot that makes a good Doctors office.  What hospital they are associated with, the nurses, and of course the Doctor themselves.  When I moved to Chicago one of my biggest concerns was finding a Doctor and hospital.  There are so many hosplitals in Chicago, there is actually a hospital one block from my house but after much research I decided to make an appointment with a Doctor out of Rush Medical University, Dr. Davies.

The girl that answers the phone was pretty nice and on my first visit when I got lost she gave me directions till I got there.  Now as for the nurses, I first one was great!  She drew blood like a champ!  That is the sign of a good nurse. BUT! When she asked me how I was doing I told her I was having pain under my right ribs she wrote that off quickly to muscle craps, which pissed me off.  Nurses should stick to drawing blood and getting measurements.  On my second visit the nurse that drew my blood was all over the could tell she was new.  She stumbled around getting the needle ready and even though she got the vain on the first try she stuck it so far in, boy did it sting!  When the Doctor came in he was very attentive.  He listened to my concerns and gave me sleeping meds (which I am afraid to take) and sent me down to get a sonogram of my gall bladder about the pain under my ribs.  Defiantly good to know that my symptoms will be taken seriously.  So far so good....I wonder if I should see about taking some of the classes the hospital gives.  What do you think?  Are classes worth the time??  Let me know.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Maternity Fashion

I have been complaining that there is no cute prego clothes for a while.  This morning while stumbling across a few fashion blogs ( via   I found this website....  They have maternity ranging from $10-$200.  I love having one website that offers that range of price points!  SO EXCITED!  LET THE SHOPPING BEGIN!

ASOS MATERNITY Star Flower Print Maxi Dress

Star flower print maxi dress by ASOS MATERNITY. Featuring chiffon main, scoop neck, long sleeves, empire line, full skirt and frill detail to the hemline.

ASOS MATERNITY Jersey Pencil Skirt

Jersey pencil skirt by ASOS MATERNITY. Featuring a high waist and a stretch fit.
FROM $10.76

ASOS MATERNITY Contrast Piped Ruffle Blouse 

Contrast piped ruffle blouse. Featuring, cap sleeves, and pussy bow at neck.

WAS $50.20 NOW $25.10

Belly button story

A few days ago my hubby was kissing my belly and when he got to my belly button he kissed it with a little to much suction and it popped out into his mouth!  I died laughing cause it tickled so much and he almost threw up.  I have an inny so far but it may change.  Needless to say he avoids my belly button when he talks to Kathryn now.  So freakin' funny!

Wednesday Wishes

one.  A new camera.  I am so sick of using my iPhone 4 as a camera.

two.   A Chicago friend.  I have never been so alone in a city.  I have moved so many times but this is the first time in my life that I have not had a job.  I sit at home all day alone and watch Days of Our Lives & Ellen till my hubby comes home.  :)

three.   No new stretch marks on my body....EVER!  lol!!!  I am lathering on the Palmer's, trust me!!!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Thrifting in Chicago

I made some awesome finds today!  I planned on hitting up 4 thrift stores but when I got to Unique Thrift Store on N. Elston in Irving Park I stayed for 2 hours!  They had an amazing selection of designer jeans from Guess to 7 for All Mankind (if only my big belly wasn't in the way) starting at $7.99 with loads of them half off or even buy one get one free (today it was pink tickets). 

I ended up spending less than $35 and walked away with 5 sweaters and 2 pair of jeans:

The Jeans are Refuge (not maternity but with my belly band they will work....couldn't pass them up for $7.99.
Calvin Klein Jeans Sweater: Free (this was the get one free of the buy one :)

 Express: $5.99 (this one is my husbands favorite :)

Motherhood Maternity: $3.89 - 25% off = $2.92

Gap Maternity:  $3.99 - 25% off = $2.99

Unknown brand but oh so cute for $4.99 - 25% off = $3.75

The other pair of jeans I didn't get a pic of (cause I am lazy :) but they were Motherhood Maternity for $5.99.

All together I spent $32.59!!!  I had a great day.

On a side note I am 25w. prego today.  Yay!

Top 2 Tuesday

Top 2 Favorite Grammy Dresses!
#1  Jennifer Lopez - She looks amazing.  Bottom dressed of the night.

#2  Jennifer Hudson - Dang girl!!!  3 words.....Weight Watchers Works!!!!  She looks great.  Great choice showing off the smallest part of her waist.....perfect.

Do you remember her American Idol days?  This look would not have made Top 2 Tuesdays.

I love my baby bump!

 October 1, 2010. - 5w. 2d.
After my first visit with my doctor.  We couldn't even hear a heart beat!!

17w. 2d.
Blake and I were on our first trip to Chicago apartment hunting.  This was taken in our hotel room.

 December 27, 2010. - 17w. 6d.
last days in our Alabama apartment.  I was feeling very pregnant that day :)

18w. 1d.
Still had not felt he kick....I remember during this week every morning when I woke up I would lay in bed for 30-40 min just trying to feel her kick.

January 7, 2011. - 19w.
This was at my abuelos (grandfathers) funeral.

21w. 2d.
 We were still apartment hunting and were crashing a friends den, but so excited about living in Chicago!!  GO PACK GO!!!

February 9, 2011. - 24w. 1d.
Finally in our own beautiful apartment (which I will give a tour of very soon).  She is kicking and flipping like crazing at this point.  I know when the baby comes I won't be getting any sleep but nobody told me that during the pregnancy I would just lay in bed awake for NO REASON!!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Lets Be Friends

A few days ago I decided to start a blog.  I was thinking about templates and checking out some popular baby blogs trying to get an idea of what this new task would entail.  I realized there must be some kind of goal.  There are two things that I plan on accomplishing.

1.  I hope to meet new people.  I have a face book to keep in touch with my friends and family but living so far away from everything that I am comfortable and familiar with has me itching to meet new people and by not knowing anybody in my area I have become a homebody afraid to leave the house for fear of getting lost in this massive city and not a clue where to start....WHERE DO I GO?!

that leads to.....

2.  I hope that this blog will inspire me to explore the Windy City.  I will have nothing to write if i just sit in the confines of my home and wait for my wonderful husband to come home.  That is what I have been doing for the past week....sitting in bed watching Days of Our Lives and eating Peanut Butter Captain Crunch.  This is very bad behavior and it must stop!  I hope that this will give me some motivation to get up and go.

So please if you live in Chicago and you are like me, a house wife with nothing to do, follow my blog and lets be friends :)