Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I love my baby bump!

 October 1, 2010. - 5w. 2d.
After my first visit with my doctor.  We couldn't even hear a heart beat!!

17w. 2d.
Blake and I were on our first trip to Chicago apartment hunting.  This was taken in our hotel room.

 December 27, 2010. - 17w. 6d.
last days in our Alabama apartment.  I was feeling very pregnant that day :)

18w. 1d.
Still had not felt he kick....I remember during this week every morning when I woke up I would lay in bed for 30-40 min just trying to feel her kick.

January 7, 2011. - 19w.
This was at my abuelos (grandfathers) funeral.

21w. 2d.
 We were still apartment hunting and were crashing a friends den, but so excited about living in Chicago!!  GO PACK GO!!!

February 9, 2011. - 24w. 1d.
Finally in our own beautiful apartment (which I will give a tour of very soon).  She is kicking and flipping like crazing at this point.  I know when the baby comes I won't be getting any sleep but nobody told me that during the pregnancy I would just lay in bed awake for NO REASON!!

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