Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wednesday Wishes

one.  A new camera.  I am so sick of using my iPhone 4 as a camera.

two.   A Chicago friend.  I have never been so alone in a city.  I have moved so many times but this is the first time in my life that I have not had a job.  I sit at home all day alone and watch Days of Our Lives & Ellen till my hubby comes home.  :)

three.   No new stretch marks on my body....EVER!  lol!!!  I am lathering on the Palmer's, trust me!!!


  1. Awww these are all so sincere....I can relate to you on moving to a big city and not knowing anyone or having a job...It takes some time, but eventually you'll start meeting people and making new friends:)


  2. Aww, I hope you meet a Chicago friend soon! Try and get out there? Aren't there some parenting classes or preparatory classes offered by the hospital? Idk? Just ideas..maybe you can meet someone who is pregnant also.. I agree with the first comment, eventually you'll meet some new friends:)

  3. Hi there-

    Have you been to I'm new to the Chicago area too (but I live in the suburbs) and have met some awesome ladies at some of the meetups. If you haven't been there, check it out!