Thursday, February 17, 2011

First Dr. Visit in Chicago

There is a lot that makes a good Doctors office.  What hospital they are associated with, the nurses, and of course the Doctor themselves.  When I moved to Chicago one of my biggest concerns was finding a Doctor and hospital.  There are so many hosplitals in Chicago, there is actually a hospital one block from my house but after much research I decided to make an appointment with a Doctor out of Rush Medical University, Dr. Davies.

The girl that answers the phone was pretty nice and on my first visit when I got lost she gave me directions till I got there.  Now as for the nurses, I first one was great!  She drew blood like a champ!  That is the sign of a good nurse. BUT! When she asked me how I was doing I told her I was having pain under my right ribs she wrote that off quickly to muscle craps, which pissed me off.  Nurses should stick to drawing blood and getting measurements.  On my second visit the nurse that drew my blood was all over the could tell she was new.  She stumbled around getting the needle ready and even though she got the vain on the first try she stuck it so far in, boy did it sting!  When the Doctor came in he was very attentive.  He listened to my concerns and gave me sleeping meds (which I am afraid to take) and sent me down to get a sonogram of my gall bladder about the pain under my ribs.  Defiantly good to know that my symptoms will be taken seriously.  So far so good....I wonder if I should see about taking some of the classes the hospital gives.  What do you think?  Are classes worth the time??  Let me know.

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  1. I just came across your blog & I personally would def. recommend you go to the classes offered at the hospital... I'm pregnant for the first time and I had nooooo idea what to expect so we went and I feel so much more comfortable about the labor and delivery experience I actually feel like I know what is going to happen! :) But Hey if you feel ok with the information you know then you could skip them but I actually enjoyed going to mine! :)