KSS Grows

 This is a picture diary of my sweet sweet Katie Scarlett's first year of life.

9 days before her birthday.  That dress may look perfect for my big belly but it was NOT perfect for my bust.  The silky fabric the dress is made of does not stretch so I felt like I was in a straight jacket all day.

My heart nearly exploded when I saw her for the first time.  The rush of love is like nothing imaginable.

1 month 3 days
 We took her first plane trip to Alaska when she was 3 weeks old to attend my cousins wedding.  I hate pretty much every picture of me from the first month after she was born....I felt so bloated!

2 months
I can't keep my lips off her face!!!

3 months 3 days
This was our first and only time at the pool this year.  I am so paranoid about the sun and I forgot her hat, so needless to say these pics were the only time I let her be in the sun even though she was covered in sun screen.

3 months 10 days
She has already been to Alaska, Alabama and now New York City!!!

 4 months
My husband doesn't like the big flowers but I can't help myself!!

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