Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Daddy Time

Scarlett and I spent last week with my sister in Prattville, AL about 3 hours away from home (and daddy).  It started out great.  Scarlett and her cousin Joseph got along so great and her older cousin Alita watched over her like a mother hen.  But at about day 3 she started getting clingy.  She cried ALL the time.  She wanted me to hold her ALL the time and God help me if I walked into the bathroom without her.


At first I couldn't figure it out....

Then it hit me...she is a daddies girl.  She wanted to go home.  Even though I was planning on staying till Monday I ended up cutting the visit down and leaving on Saturday night.  Thank God I did because now that I am home I KNOW for sure that is what it was.  No more crying.

She is actually cuddled up with daddy right now sleeping like a baby and it is so nice to be able to use both hands freely without her screaming in my ears.

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