Wednesday, November 2, 2011

So hear me all, so help me God!

I feel like I am pretty new at couponing {you like how "coupon-ING is a verb, LOL}, but the success that I have had lately is MIND BLOWING!

Stats since I have started couponing at CVS July - Now:
  • Saved:   $857.10
  • Spent:   $130.78
 The best part is that I feel confident enough to start passing on what I have learned to my friends an have enjoyed shopping with them.

I feel like that "Coupon Suzie" commercial pleading with everybody I know to start looking for savings.  Now that I have started I will never go back.

I vow here and now to never spend full retail for ANY health and beauty products, cleaning supplies or diapers.  

So hear me all, so help me God! 

Here was todays shopping trip....
  • Spent: $2.86 out of pocket
  • Earned: $20 AMX gift card!! 

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  1. your house will never smell!! lol