Saturday, November 5, 2011

AHHH!!! I am loosing my hair!!

When I was pregnant my hair was so luscious and healthy.  I would only loose 1 or 2 strands in the shower.  It was wonderful.  What I didn't know was that now that I am not preggers I am loosing my hair in mass!  I loose so much that I have to clean my brush out twice or more every time I brush my hair!  
Is this happening to anybody else?  
Will it stop??  
I am freaking out over hear!

Roll Tide :)


  1. About 4-5 months after Baby C was born my hair started falling out like crazy too! Now at 6 months post-partum it's not nearly as bad. You have my sympathy mama!

  2. Yes!!! This happened to me too about 2-3 months after my baby was born, it was horrible!! And NOW, I have all this weird baby hair coming back in that sticks out like a freak when I wear my hair pulled back. Hairspray isn't even strong enough to hold it down for long, ugh.