Tuesday, April 3, 2012


We're moving!!
A few weeks ago we went to Huntsville to visit hubbys family.  On our trip Blake went on a small job hunt to see how the job market was in his home town.  After only one day on the hunt my husband had 2 call backs and within 24 hours we had a bona-fide job offer.  Oh yea!  They are matching our current salary and the best part, they are helping us move home.

As much as I have loved living in Chicago, when Blake and I found out that his mother has breast cancer we knew that as soon as we had the opportunity to move closer to home we would.  Now that we are moving it almost doesn't seam real.  The pictures are off the wall and there are boxes piled all over the house but until our home is empty and we are on the road it seams surreal.

On a lighter note, I painted Scarletts toes for the first time and OMG is it the cutest thing I have ever seen.  I love baby toes already.  The way they wiggle while she tries to keep her balance.  They way she opens her toes wide when I put them up to my lips....oooohhh I love them.


  1. That is incredible that he was able to find work so easily!! My husband has been on the job seared for too long :(

    I love the painted toes!

    1. Thank you. The most incredible thing is the company he applied to wasnt even hiring. They told him that they could tell he was "good talent" and they are always interested in good talent. One tip is to apply where you want to work no matter if they are hiring or not.

  2. Aw, that is so exciting!!! I hope everything goes super well! And yes, her toes are so adorable!!