Tuesday, March 1, 2011

27 Weeks

I am officially 27 weeks pregnant.  Time is flying by so fast and my baby bump is quickly becoming a baby bulge.  I love it!!
The best thing about this time of the pregnancy is how much she moves!  I just can't help but smile when I feel her jump inside me.  Poor Blake every time he puts his hand anywhere near my belly Kathryn stops moving instantly.  We are hoping he has that calming effect on her when she is born. :)  

One thing I am not loving is the burping.  I swear I burp more than a frat boy after a keg stand!  As soon as I stand up after dinner out it comes like i ate a balloon and Kathryn just popped it inside me!

Just 92 days to go!   


  1. congratulations - what a wonderful time for you!!

    you definitely need to get a great maxi for the summer- even cute with a baby bump :)

  2. You look great! My little guy also stops moving whenever I call his Daddy over to feel him playing. Too cute:)

  3. Way cute bump! I'm 26 weeks and she was moving lots too -- until the past week. Congrats!

  4. you look so beautiful! the next time i'm knocked up i plan to dress lovely too. i hope ... ;)

  5. So good to see a fellow Chicago mama to be here! We seem to be really close in our pregnancies, too! When are you due?

  6. Such a cute baby bump =)
    Burping while pregnant was my thing too!
    Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy. =)