Thursday, March 31, 2011

I have always been a fan of using the internet to meet people. I met a past boyfriends/ex-fiancee on (don't judge), I met my now friend through a babysitting ad I posted on, and my newest Chicago friend I met on I first heard about from another Chicago mommy blogger, She told me that she had recently moved here also and met several nice people at one of the meet-ups. So, since I am always one to try almost anything once I signed up and looked for the right meet up to attend.

I chose two meet-ups to RSVP to. The first was a group of 30 mommies meeting up at a local McDonald's where they would let their children play while indulging in precious adult time. I was looking forward to the adult time but since I don't really have any children to let loose on the Micky-Dees play yard I decided to skip. The second was a potluck at a fellow pregos house. When I checked the RSVP list the 3 other girls were also first time pregos. I was all in!! Even though my hubs was off work I just couldn't pass up the opportunity of meeting a potential friend. The host was wonderful...the food was wonderful....and the guests were wonderful! The host, who is on the verge of popping her baby out, is a self proclaimed "crafter" and had handmade her baby bedding, stuffed animals, reusable diapers, baby booties and all other sorts of beautiful baby items what she is willing to teach me how to also create. I am so excited to have a friend in Chicago!!!

All you lonely pregos or board out of your mind stay-at-home mommies need to check out your local site to meet woman that are in your same stage of life. I'm so glad I did.


  1. I've done the same thing but using babycenter. I've met some great friends!

  2. Thats great that it was so much fun, good for you for taking the initiative and going:) I met my husband on, so I am a fan of using the internet to meet people:)