Sunday, August 7, 2011

Free Pampers!!

Pampers Swaddlers Sensitive Size 1 are on clearance for $2.74 or $5.49 (depending on the location) at CVS!

Being new to couponing I have been reading a lot of blogs on how to make a deal.  CVS is by far my favorite store.  Check out this deal....

When I saw the Pampers on sale at my CVS they were $5.49.  I had a $2 off coupon making them $3.49.  I bought 4 packs.

I had a printed coupon for $5 off $25 precoupon but I was $3.04 short so I went by the printed coupon box and out prints a free pack of U by kotex....that is $1.77 towards the $25....the other coupon was $2 off Gold Emblem popcorn 2.49 each just hitting my $25 mark. :)

In total I spent $10.88 on 
4 Jumbo packs Pampers Swaddlers Sensitive Size 1,
1 pack U by Kotex panty liners
1 bag Golden Emblem popcorn

BUT the thing is I don't need diapers.  Sweet sweet has a closet FULL of size 1 diapers.  SO I sold the Pampers on for $5 each making a profit of $10!  WOOT WOOT!!!

After I sold the diapers on craigslist I was so pumped up that I went to the 4 other CVS stores.  I found this deal....

Please notice the subtotal....THATS RIGHT....$0!  I bought 6 packs of diapers for $0 (just $1.17 in taxes)

THATS NOT ALL!!!!  CVS also has a deal going that if you buy 6 jumbo packs get the 7th FREE....SO....out prints an $11 ECB.  I LOVE THIS!  I stopped by 2 other CVS stores and made similar purchaces.  In total I bought 15 packs of diapers and I am selling each pack that I bought for $5.  BIGG BALLIN'


  1. OOOOMG! good work! You have to tell me where I can get the $2 off coupons!

  2. You can get Pampers $2 off coupons when you sign up for coupons at the pampers website. I got most of my $2 off coupons from the P&G Brand Saver insert from the newspaper. There is almost always pampers coupons in the P&G insert. Watch your sunday paper!!! Good luck :)

  3. Wow! Check you out chica. I love it! Hey, let me borrow a dollar Big Ballin'. HaHa!