Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Good news....I am learning to walk :)

Last week Blake and I downsized from 2 cars to 1.  So far so good but we were planning on my honey getting transferred to downtown Chicago and him taking the El train to work....but his transfer has been pushed back to November, which is a big bummer, and I have no car....

Good news.....I am learning to walk. 

Living in Chicago we have so many shops near our home and walking is exactly what I should be doing anyway to lose this baby weight.  Plus it is nice to have something to do every day.  So my daily routine is to walk to CVS , then to Walgreens , and finally to the produce store to pick up fresh fruits, veggies and meat.

Today, I actually did my hair and make-up!!  It is just amazing how good you feel when you look good too.  On our walk a man honked and made a "cat call"...before I would have called him a vulgar perv, but now think of as that nice man who made my day.  lol.  So, since becoming a SAHM I am finding that if I have a purpose, like a daily walk, I actually feel like part of the world and not trapped in a box.

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  1. Hi Calista! I totally forgot you lived in Chicago too (well, I don't count, since I live in the 'burbs) Your babe is so sweet and I love her name!