Friday, August 19, 2011

I just love her.

This morning Blake and I were woke up by Katie Scarlett gasping for air and flailing around like she was falling...We both jumped up.  As I held her I was terrified.  She was crying big full tears and curling her lips in the most desperate fashion.  

I was thinking did she choke on something?
Did she get bit by something (that I will be killing with great force)???
Does she have a big boogie blocking her airway?

It was so sad.
I called my mother immediately.
She lives in Hawaii and it was 3:30AM there, but I needed professional help.....
(and by professional, I mean a seasoned mother is a mother of 6)
Mother suggested that she might have had a bad dream.
That sounds about right because after I quit using the nose sucky thingy on her she stopped crying and just smiled as if our faces was all she needed to soothe her.

It is amazing how seeing her frown can break my heart completely and her smile can immediately make whole again.  I have never been so wholly consumed with love then when I see my precious daughters face. I love her beyond reason.  
I just love her.    

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