Friday, October 7, 2011

Cooking = Domestication

This week my husband has been working from 5AM - 12AM!! (19 hours a day!!!)  He works for Jason's Deli and is in the process of opening a new store in downtown Chicago.  I feel so bad for him!! 

So to show my support the past 2 days I have been cooking for him.  As a stay at home mom, some people might think that it is just expected that cooking for my hubby is "obviously" my wifely duty, but for me it has been a struggle.  I am literally afraid of the kitchen.  I feel totally overwhelmed and emotionally challenged standing in front of the stove.  Today was the first time in our marriage that I have cooked a full meal (a meat, starch and a veg.)

I was so proud of myself and think I might start making this a routine. 

By the way....

I honestly believe that by getting dressed with hair and make up done has been the motivating factor behind getting my house clean and cooking.  :)

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  1. Hey girl..I got your comment about joining the Chicago Moms meetup..but I don't live in the you live in the city? I'm afraid I'll join it and all the meetups will be down there and I'm kinda far out here..