Thursday, October 27, 2011

Lazy mommy = Lazy baby

Have I mentioned to you that I have been having some sleep issues?  I CAN'T sleep.  I go to bed and play solitar on my iPhone for HOURS!!  This has been a problem for the past month at least....

Scarlett {on the other hand} is a sleeper.
She sleeps in until 10:30am pretty regularly.  She is my alarm clock.
When I hear her I get up and bring her back to bed with me to eat breakfast {nurse}.  The problem today was she slept in until 1:45PM!!!!

Yes, that's right!  1:45PM!!

So I also didn't wake up until 1:45PM!!  My milk was so freaking full!!!  I was leaking all over the place!!!  How is it possible that a baby sleeps that long.  I don't know if I am lucky or if I am creating a monster. 

I am so shocked by  She goes to sleep at about 10PM every night.  I think it is time to start laying her down at 7PM or 8PM.  I just hope that I am not passing on my worst quality....oversleeping.

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  1. So jealous! No matter WHAT time mine goes to bed (which is usually between 8-9) he still wakes up at the same God forsaken hour every morning before 7am! Even when he's teething and doesn't go to bed until midnight! Count your blessings :)