Tuesday, October 18, 2011

How I love you...let me count the ways

My sweet sweet Scarlett,

You have only been the center of my life for four and a half months but already I can not imagine my life without you.  Everything that I do....I do for you.  Everything I want....I want for you.  Everything I have....I'll give to you

I love everything about you.  I love waking up hearing you coo-ing in your crib.  I remember the first time you rolled over in your crib and I was so proud of you. 
I love it when I nurse you, your toes wiggle against my arm.  My heart melts and I feel the need to suck your toes....until I see the lint, and realize I might need to give you a bath.  

I love it when I take a shower and you lay in your bouncy seat between the tub and the jon giggling at me until its your turn.  When I pull you in, your sweet soft skin all clean and I nurse you under a warm shower.  I can't tell you how much joy you bring into my life.

You are the best sleeper at night and happy baby in the morning which makes my job easy in addition to the most exciting, fulfilling, satisfying (really this list of happy words go on and on) job I have.  Thank you for being my baby.  I love you.

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