Sunday, October 23, 2011

Mom and dad came to town today for my moms 48th birthday.  I helped my dad make reservations at The Signature room on the 97th floor of the John Hancock building for dinner and they stayed at the Windham hotel.
Isn't my momma and daddy so SUPER FINE!! :)
I love seeing my mom and dad happy together.  My dad is in the Army and is stationed in Saudi Arabia for 2 years, while my mom lives in Hawaii with my brother and sister.  They met in the middle here in Chicago.  Today they called me and told me they were coming over after they made a stop at the Wal-mart on North Ave.  If you are not from Chicago let me tell you that Wal-marts here in town are not like the Wal-marts in the 'burbs or in any other part of the country.

The first (and only) time I went it was to price check a camera.  Let me tell you what I saw.

  • There is a HUGE car wash attached to the Wal-mart parking lot and outside along the car wash wall there are several tables set up selling knock-off perfume, sneakers and sweat suits.  NO JOKE.  

  • Inside Wal-mart where normally there is a McDonnalds there is an Uncle Elmers Fried Chicken.

  • This Wal-mart looks like a thrift store because there are boxes of unstocked merchandice lining the isles.
It was BY FAR the most ghetto Wal-mart I have ever been to in my life, BUT don't take my word for it, check out some of the reviews on google. Not one person gave it more than two stars and most people gave it only one...
 "toni ‎ - Jun 10, 2011 gave 1 star out of 5
Ok, lets start and acknowledge that i' m obviously not from here... (read my profile). Once I stepped into this Wal-Mart.. I regretted even walking in!!! The store was a huge mess; piles of trash everywhere, and many, many, employees running around talking about which woman they were going to "feel up" on at the local club. This store should never be out of stock, hence it looks as if they missed like 5 deliveries and it was in the aisles... I'm never coming back.."
"daniel ‎ - Apr 13, 2011 gave 1 star out of 5
these walmart isnt worthy of a one star but without rating i cant post this....but omg ghetto is not the word to describe these place, i am not racist but after going there i came out thinking like the kkk. never seen so many rude monkeys in my entire life. i will never shop there until they get new staff including managers that are worthless aswell. death to these walmart i hope it burns down with all their staff in it."
"VESEMIR ‎ - Sep 9, 2011 gave 1 star out of 5
"Mark Pio ‎ - Jul 6, 2011 gave 1 star out of 5
Worst store ever doesn't do justice"
"Briana ‎ - Apr 20, 2010 gave 1 star out of 5
rude! Whoever is responsible for the employees at this Wal-mart ought to be ashamed themselves. These people are just plain rude. It is absolutely ridiculous."

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