Monday, October 10, 2011

Disney Movies

I was baby sitting the other day and the kids were watching the Lion King.  I have always loved this movie.  I remember crying when Mufasa died.  Watching it again as an adult I was thinking how inappropriate some of the content is in kids movies.

For instance....

Lion King:  A power crazed brother of the king plots to kill both his brother and nephew in order to enslave the queen and the rest of the pride.  SAD!!

Little Mermaid:  A teenage girl rebels against her father turning to witchcraft to seduce a prince.  Once her plan backfires her father must turn over the kingdom to an exiled witch to save his daughter.  In the end her father gives in to his daughter and allows his 16 year old daughter to GET MARRIED!!  Scarlett better not think that works at our house....nope.

Beauty & the Beast:  A cursed prince holds a woman hostage in hope that she will fall in love with him.  In the end he gets his way.  Did anybody mention that kidnapping is a crime and crime doesn't pay?!

I don't know....maybe I am thinking to much about this.

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