Saturday, October 29, 2011


Scarlett has changed everything in my life.  From simple things like the clothes I wear to the big things like work {or lack there of}.  The most recent change I have noticed are the holidays.  Before Scarlett, Halloween was all about getting as sexy as possible and going out with the girls.  This year I spent hours looking at fuzzy costumes for the baby girl online and at every baby store within a 10 mile radius.  Not once did I look at an outfit for myself and God forbid I wear one of my old costumes trick or treating with my playgroup!

I am already planning the fun we will have at Christmas watching sweet baby open her gifts under the tree and playing in the snow.  Everything is a photo op.  Everything is about making memories for her.

Now check out my sweet babies costume.  She IS{the essence of}Halloween.

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