Thursday, September 1, 2011

What we did today.

This morning Blake and I decided that we would sleep in and spend the whole day in the house....BUT....our landlords called at 9:30am asking if they could come up AND bring up an inspector.  UGGGG!!  So much for sleeping in.  I bought us some time by telling him that I was nursing sweet sweet but it wasn't 20 minutes and heard the knock on the door.  I can't stand it when people show up unexpected.  I need at least an hour or 2 to get the house ready.

Then, we took sweet sweet to her 4 month doctor appointment (which I don't understand since she just turned 3 months old 3 days ago, but whatev's).  I love our pediatrician.  The clinic she works at was the one suggested by the hospital but it seems like I am the only person that goes to that clinic with private health insurance.  Its kinda gross in the waiting room and it seams like all the kids that come in there are in serious need of a bath and a Kleenex.  What is it that is so hard about some of these ladies that they can't keep their kids faces clean!!!  To make it worse we ended up waiting for an hour in the hall (because I refuse to sit in the dirty and loud waiting room.  I have a way of making the best of waiting in the exam room....I take a hand full of band-aids, anti-bacterial ointment or rubber gloves for every 10 minutes I wait.  So we left with a diaper bag full of stuff...don't judge....I hear you

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