Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Rant: Evil, Stupid, Ignorant Chicago Bus Drivers/Riders

As a driver in Chicago I have been annoyed with the aggressiveness of bus drivers and now that I am a rider I am annoyed with their attitudes even more.

I have a newborn.
She is 3 months old
So when I go out into the city I have a lot I need to take with me.
Not to mention that she has to ride in a car seat in the stroller because she is too little to sit up.
So I am sorry if my baby is in your way....but that is just too freaking bad!
Would you get all pissy with a person in a wheel chair because their wheels are too big....no....why not....because they can't walk....well guess freaking what....NEITHER CAN MY BABY!!!!
And I don't know if you want to walk all over Chicago with a baby in your arms, a diaper bag and any shopping bags you may end up with but I DON'T!
I will be bringing my over sized stroller ON THE BUS and you can just get over it....AND NO, I will NOT be folding it up.
WHY you ask...let me tell you why...because holding the baby, diaper bag, shopping bags, lunch bag, and carrier she is in will take up more room and take twice as much time putting back together then it is worth.
...SO FYI...
I am doing you a freaking favor by NOT folding it up! 


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