Saturday, September 3, 2011

MammaTribe on Facebook

Blake and I downsized our driveway recently anticipating he would get a transfer to downtown and he would be taking the train....that didn't happen....and now I am left at home with a baby all alone.  Normally I would feel trapped but for some reason I feel like I have been liberated.  I have been walking all over the place and even taking the bus **gasp**

Last week after I attended  the tye-dye party, I was invited to join a Facebook group called "MammaTribe".  
MammaTribe is a Chicago based group of mammas that hosts events for (mostly) new mammas.

What a great idea!

 Every town should have one of these sites.  
The Facebook page was started by 6 ladies and is now over 150 strong and hosts so many fun events.

Today, Scarlett and I went to the pool for an event!  Even though it was just 3 ladies that came we had a great time.  The coolest part is that it was just one bus ride down the road and I feel like I am finally getting to enjoy the city in its full glory. :)

This was Scarlett's first time in the pool.  I am still not brave enough to don a two piece yet but felt pretty good about myself in this old one piece I pulled out of the dust.  I do wish the hubby was with us but I sent him some pictures to make him jealous. LOL.

I can't wait till our next meet up and meeting more city mammas.

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