Sunday, September 4, 2011

No College Football????? WHAT?!?!?

I grew up in the south, mainly Alabama, where college football is a way of life.  Everything is about football.  So when I moved to Chicago I was unprepared for what was going to be my new reality.....


Not only is Saturday in the Fall just another day up here, to make it worse, Alabama (the #2 ranked team in the nation) was not showing on TV!  Sitting at home donned in my Alabama gear....ALONE....I felt so disconnected from my normal life.  So out of touch with what I felt was my reality.

Thank GOD for Houndstooth Saloon, the local Alumni Saloon that televises every game (including basketball and baseball games)!
HUGE sigh of relief.

Scarlett and I caught the bus and met up with my fellow southerners in Wriglyville where we cheered Alabama and enjoyed Dreamland BBQ sauce.  Inside those saloon walls, where the wallpaper is houndstooth and the ceiling is crimson, we are surrounded by Southern tradition and best of all the spirit of football!  

On my way home all the mid-western Chicago-ites were wearing their Cubs gear and all I was thinking was....."I sure do miss home!"

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